The Age is Electric
Rebecca, female, UK

Vegan with a love for theatre, music & exciting foods! I love nature, animals, trees & want to bath in a waterfall one day.

turn on your senses.
tune into the things around you.
drop out of the marching line society has drawn for you.
Be different.
Be unique.

They chain you and brainwash you when you least suspect it. They feed you mass media, the age is electric - Hair

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300 FAVORITE MOVIES (in no particular order)

214. The History Boys (2006)

"Reckless, impulsive, immoral — how come there’s such a difference between the way you teach and the way you live? Why are you so bold in argument and talking, but when it comes to the point, when it’s something that’s actually happening — I mean, now you’re so fucking careful!"

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Bob and his new big gay bow :)

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Favourite Elphaba’s Defying Gravity

Willemijn Verkaik 
Stephanie J. Block 
Caissie Levy 

the l word meme: [3/9] scenes

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The Top 10 Muppets (as voted by our followers)

#4 - Rowlf the Dog

Rowlf the Dog has been a star in his own right since the early 1960s. Rowlf was the first Muppet to rise to popularity, as a favorite on The Jimmy Dean Show and in Purina Dog Chow commercials. On The Muppet Show, Rowlf was always on hand with a song on piano or a pun in Veterinarian’s Hospital. Rowlf was performed by Jim Henson and has since been taken over by Bill Barretta. Rowlf is much more than a hound dog, he’s fetching with a bark much nicer than his bite.

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