The Age is Electric
Rebecca, female, UK

Vegan with a love for theatre, music & exciting foods! I love nature, animals, trees & want to bath in a waterfall one day.

turn on your senses.
tune into the things around you.
drop out of the marching line society has drawn for you.
Be different.
Be unique.

They chain you and brainwash you when you least suspect it. They feed you mass media, the age is electric - Hair

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Original Hair 2008 cast #love

Original Hair 2008 cast #love

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    still have this spread from vogue. matted and on my walls.
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    JonGroff obviously ♥ but can I just point out the LEGEND that it Patina Miller far left in the orange and purple ♥♥♥...
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    Ahh, aren’t they lovely?!
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    I really want to be in Hair. Or just be a hippie lol
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    Seeing the touring cast in May!
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